Monday, April 20, 2015

Finishing Touches

Hello viewers,  I have some good news today. I finished writing my song! All of the lyrics are complete (I could always change them later too) and all of the guitar parts are set. I am trying to add in some drums but it's not really fitting well. The only thing left to do is practice (mostly my singing). I plan to have a recording out soon.

Looking back at this project I am very happy with my accomplishments. I did what I wanted to do and in the process learned guitar, improved my drumming, and learned how to write a song. If I were to describe what I got most out of this project it would have to be learning the guitar. If I didn't do that then I wouldn't have a song at all, no question about it. The greatest thing about it though is the fact that thanks to this, I will continue to make music for probably the rest of my life. All is takes is a start somewhere.

In the upcoming weeks I will be reflecting more on my 20 time project and starting to write my TED talk. I am going to try out for the TEDx event being held at our school and will be talking about the importance and impact of music on our lives. Since this topic is something I'm passionate about I feel like it will be fun and a good experience. Well keep close for more information about my talk.

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