Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Song?

Hello everyone! This week I'm making progress and trying to fit together some melodies I came up with into a song. The one I came up with moves around the C-chord and all its variations. I'm trying to find out which other chords I can move to while keeping the same rhythm to make a verse part, since one chord is just too boring. This song is actually an "assignment" by my guitar/song teacher but that doesn't mean I wouldn't have done it anyway. I have to come up with an outline for a whole song by Wednesday. For instance, verse1/chorus/verse2/chorus/(bridge)/(chorus/end). So stay tuned for a possible song next week! My birthday is next Monday and I'm hoping on getting some money to buy a decent acoustic guitar. I probably won't have enough so I might buy some new drum parts like a cowbell or a tambourine. The thing is I want to buy both but I have to choose one or the other so I went with guitar since I need that way more. I'll post a picture of whatever I got so keep posted to find out!

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