Tuesday, November 4, 2014

First Recording

Here is a recording of me playing Big Machine by The Goo Goo Dolls off of a video camera that was in my house. I made a remake of the last one because it was a bit ratchet. Hopefully the visual of me playing is way cooler than a recording because I sure think it is. Sorry it took so long to upload, it was a complicated process with my laptop refusing to cooperate with me. Next time I'll try uploading on my PC and try to get better results. Anyway, about the song... This is one of my all time favorite Goo Goo Dolls songs since it's such a jam song. The guitar riff at the intro is so addicting and it's poppy but more rocky at the same time. It was easy to learn on drums, I actually did it by ear since I couldn't find any tabs. There are so many measures and half measures prone to improvisation which is what makes it so fun to play since you do something different every time. More covers are expected to come in the future, probably a LOT more covers, so stay tuned! Also, I would be more than happy to take any song suggestions and make a cover out of them, so if you have any just comment below. See ya!


  1. I think that your 20 time project is really cool. I was also thinking about how you said that you want to get a song on iTunes or any other site maybe trying to get it on spotify would work for you. There are so many undiscovered artists who have music on spotify and get discovered because of it. My 20 time project has to do with music too, except it is a little different. I am trying to get musicians takes on the industry today. Like how spotify, pandora and iTunes are helpful to musicians and the music industry. I'm also doing mine on how the technology is changing the world which is where the music part comes into play. Oh and I couldn't hear your recording. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks a ton! You are my first comment so that is kinda a big deal. I love the idea of your project. It is true, all these free streaming sites and apps help spread the word way faster than, say 20 years ago. Some older people will tell me, "oh it's so hard to get big don't waste your time," and make it sound like I'm trying to make a professional sport. But with all these tools available I think it's possible for anyone to get noticed if they are good enough. About your project, when you said you're trying to get musicians takes on the industry today, does that mean you're going to meet them? If so that is awesome! Lastly, I kinda underestimated the recording since it's a bit more complicated than I thought. I have a rough draft (I'd call it) and tried to put it over the song but it's really bad quality. I'm making a new one right now and am thinking about videotaping my playing to get a visual of what's going on.

  3. Hey! It's great that you play drums, because I'm part of a metal band and we are currently looking for a solid drummer to fill the spot! Let me know if you're interested!

    Keep jamming.


    1. Woah! That would be awesome! I don't know how well I can fill your spot yet since I don't have a double pedal but maybe after christmas break. What's your number?

  4. No need to worry about that at the moment! Hit me up at 313-510-0325 and I'll explain everything.