Wednesday, October 1, 2014


The Youtube links at the top are channels of bands/artists that either influence or inspire me (in other words, my all time favs). There are MANY more artists that I look up to but this is just a sample. They include: August Burns Red, Anberlin, O.A.R., Shakira, Rise Against, and Trivium. They are randomly selected so every time you refresh the page or view it, the videos will change. I tried to include a variety of genres so everyone can enjoy. As you already know, I play the drums so it is logical to have a favorite drummer. That is Matt Greiner from August Burns Red. He has the most complex parts in songs and is just such a great guy. He also runs a drum building company where a bunch of his buddies and him construct high quality drums. Matt does what he loves and I look up to that. August Burns Red is a metalcore band and for that reason most people hate them or as never heard of them. It makes me sad how people automatically reject bands like this because its metal, the devil's music. No one ever actually listens to the musical talent involved or look up the lyrics, they just assume that it's all about death and anger. ABR's lyrics are the most inspirational and uplifting lyrics I have ever heard, sometimes I tear up when I listen to them. If there ever comes a tough time where I don't know if I can live any longer I would listen to them and get through it. Now I could write pages about all the other people so I'm going to cut it here. Hopefully, some of my music will be as inspiring to you (and me) as theirs.

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