Wednesday, October 1, 2014

New Drum Rhythm

This is a basic verse and chorus rhythm I came up with while I was jamming on the drums earlier. It's a rock beat but can be put in a lot of styles since it's so basic. There are fills in between, but I didn't write them down because that could be anything as of now. I'm still experimenting on which is the best fitting one, so maybe in a week or so I'll post something. Also, I don't know the formal way to write out drum parts so I made my own sheet. Once I figure out how to upload recordings that will play well, I'll blog it for you all to listen to. The songs I will write will most likely be some type of rock since that's what I listen to. I don't have enough drums or cymbals yet to play metal so I'm gonna stick with what I got. Although when Christmas and my birthday come up and I upgrade my set, I might try some rhythms out.

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