Wednesday, October 22, 2014

First Lyrics

Wrote some lyrics the other day. I just spewed out thoughts in my head on a piece of paper and it actually looks pretty good. It's a first draft so I will come back to it later whenever something comes up. I find it easier to wait until a really cool thought comes into mind and quickly jot it down, or wait till I'm in an emotional or stressed out state and just vent instead of sitting down and focus on coming up with a good line. It's like writing poetry, you get stuck up on words so often that you end up not remembering the whole theme of the poem. Anyway,they discuss the conflict people have with keeping feelings bottled up inside of them and someone else who is trying to get them to let it all out. This message is something I feel is very important because keeping those feelings inside is not healthy. Letting it all out makes me feel better and I think if others try it out for once, they will feel better too. I don't know what type of song this will fit into so I'll just wait to see what happens later. That seems to be the best plan right now.

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